The Hottest 2016 Nail Art Trends

Posted: Tuesday 05 April 2016

Gloss Hair & Beauty featured in the February edition of the new GSY Life magazine! See the full article below!

The focus is all about touching up the nails to make you feel sparkling once again. We speak to Angele Hicks, the nail technician, about her incredible nail art design trends for 2016 ready to take the industry by storm.

Christmas is a distant memory now. Spring is officially on the way and as the days get brighter, the dark-wintery colours are now becoming the flavour of yesterday with more vibrant and bright colours begin to blossom into fashion.

Animal Print
The animal print – classic, vintage and in a sense, unleashes your inner-animal. This still remains one of the most popular trends in the world of nail art design and is always top of many clients’ agendas. Whether you’re in search of striking black and white zebra print, dazzling neon leopard print or remarkable orange and black tiger stripes, your blossoming nails are sure to turn heads as you stand out from the crowd.

Nail foils provide a completely whole new dimension when it comes to nail art. Refreshing and captivating in every way imaginable, you simply can’t fault it. Our personal favourite is the oleaginous, lubricous foil that looks very similar to the inside of an oil-slick ormer shell. Foils work wonderfully as a feature nail too when they accompany a standard block colour.

Whilst graduating one colour into another on your nails can be one of the trickier sides to nail design, the results themselves are marvellous and work absolute wonders proving they are worth the efforts in the long-haul. Such a difficult yet rewarding technique works impressively well for when it comes to combining two salient and powerful colours together to create an outstanding and worthwhile effect.

With spring soon ascending and flowers beginning to fill up gardens, it’s only seems fitting that your nails are completed with floral too. Why settle for simple polka dots or a standard block colour when you can combine them with decorative floral for a more cohesive effect? With such detailed being provided at the tip, it will almost look like a bouquet of flowers is beginning to sprout from your very fingers!

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